Drypoint printmaking is a form of printing where marks are incised onto a plate. A 'dry' point enables you to draw as if on paper but with the ability to reproduce a design a number of times. The process belongs to a group of techniques known as intaglio. A sharp implement or etching needle is used to draw a design and the small burrs created where the point has scratched into the plate; drawing a line or producing a mark, allows ink to sit in the crevices. Oil-based printing inks are rubbed over the surface and buffed or rubbed away. The print is then put through a press where the image is transferred onto paper, fabric or rubber gloves!

Collage is a technique where assembled found elements are combined to form an image. It derives form the French words 'coller' ; to glue and decoupage; to cut-out. The appropriated pieces of collage material can be as simple as envelopes, ribbon, fabric scraps, clothing labels, photographs, newspapers and magazines. Car boot sales and charity shops can provide a treasure trove of one-off finds that give your work a unique feel. My personal favourite collage items are probably maps, particularly the linen backed ones.